Our Capabilities

Our speciality is translating unique and complicated business requirements into web-based software that makes life easier.

Fresh ideas to accomplish the mission

Developing complex, data heavy business logic

Building bueatiful, easy to use interfaces

Maintaining highly secure applications

Providing Excellent communication

Making customers happy

Our Process

Although the process can vary slightly project to project, our typical process goes like this.

  1. 1
    Discover Requirements

    You explain what you are trying to accomplish, we ask a lot of questions and help you develop requirements.

  2. 2
    Information Architecture

    We will begin developing ideas about how things should be displayed and how the user should use the application. This step typically results in wireframes that you approve.

  3. 3

    We add colors and artwork to show you exactly what the final product will look like, you approve.

  4. 4

    We build and test this lovely creation that you've envisioned. Once you approve the functionality we go live.

  5. 5
    Launch and Support

    We launch your brain child and provide support as needed into the future.


We built a web-based software that automates jurisdictional mileage reporting for FedEx Ground and their contractors. The system integrates with over 200 independent contractor's electronic logging devices (ELDs) and extracts GPS breadcrumbs for over 1500 FedEx trucks. The GPS data is processed by a set of proprietary algorithms to generate auditable individual vehicle mileage reports (IVMRs).

  • Client SaaS - We sell this software on a subscription basis.
  • Release Date November 2017
  • Url https://easyivmr.com
GPS Libraries

We built two libraries that enable high volume processing of raw GPS data. These code libraries are capable of snapping GPS points to roads, reverse geocoding and calculating the distance between tens of thousands of GPS points per second asynchronously.

  • Client Internal use and license.
  • Release Date January 2018

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We strive to answer requests within 24hrs.